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sound guide to Warsaw

This CD is the result of a project in which musicians and sound artists were asked to create a sound piece based upon and inspired by the field recordings made in Warsaw, Poland. The collected tracks may be viewed as a sound guide to Warsaw, reflecting the artists' interpretation of the Warsaw soundscape and presenting their sonic visions of the city.
The basis for all the tracks were the recordings from places located all over Warsaw and the artists were free to process them in any way they wished. Additionally, the tracks could be enriched with recordings of acoustic instruments so that the field recordings were not only the sound material, but also an inspiration.
The artists who took part in this project are associated with the Warsaw Electronic Festival.

Project curated by Łukasz Ciszak

Cover design by Łukasz Ciszak

Mastering by Krzysztof Orluk

The project was possible thanks to the support of the Fundacja Sztuka i Technologia and WEFREC.

An electronic press-kit with more detailed info about the project (in Polish).

An electronic press-kit with more detailed info about the project (in English).

Promo mix mp3

Track list:

  1. Służew - Grzegorz Bojanek
  2. Stary Żoliborz - noiko
  3. Śródmieście - Jarek Grzesica
  4. Fort Radiowo - Arszyn
  5. Saska Kępa - Michał Wolski
  6. Stara Praga - Xlorite
  7. Kilińskiego - Bionulor
  8. Kamionek - Seven Steven
  9. Stara Ochota - Kim_Nasung
  10. Mirów - Asdf
  11. Ulrychów - krzysztof orluk
  12. Górce - Łukasz Ciszak
  13. Muranów - Vasen Piparjuuri