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Organized by Sébastien Chou and £ukasz Ciszak
Cover Art and Mix by Sébastien Chou at the SFUMATO Desk
July/Nov 2005

"Also the musical content goes very much into similar directions here: a bit of minimalist techno music by Astrol's Kitchen, concrete sound cut-ups by Parowek, a bit of noise by Rohypnoise/Planetaldol and various improvised music pieces by Ciszak and Oddjob."
Frans de Waard, vital weekly

Track list:
1. Forced Emission [03'59''] £UKASZ CISZAK
2. Loops from the silence [01'47''] ANTMANUV
3. Idée préconforme [04'02''] ASTROL'S KITCHEN
4. Rynna,zamieĉ, pajħk [03'32''] XV PARÓWEK
6. Aquaparki [02'54] ODDJOB
7. M8-6Bowing-mix [05'04''] STIRLING NEGATIVE
8. Passiflore [03'29''] FINALDOLL
9. De grenzen van mijn taal [02'37''] £UKASZ CISZAK
10. Trasa £azienkowska [04'22''] DSORT
11. Still looking for addimmuru [04'03''] TIRRIDDILIU
12. S02 [04'00''] STIRLING NEGATIVE


ANTMANUV [Canada] e-mail || www
ASTROL'S KITCHEN [France] e-mail
£UKASZ CISZAK [Poland] e-mail || www
DSORT [Poland] e-mail || www
FINALDOLL [France] Planetaldol/FinalCut e-mail || www
ROHYPNOISE [France] e-mail || www
ODDJOB [France] e-mail || www
PLANETALDOLL [France] e-mail || www
TIRRIDDILIU [Italy] e-mail || www
XV PARÓWEK [Poland] e-mail || www

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