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dislocations. music for a picture (DVD)

dislocations. music for a picture is a project whose aim was to create a soundtrack for a set of 12 pictures by different photographers. the soundtrack for each picture was created by a different musician. all the music found on this dvd was composed exclusively for this project.

A preview of the project with media samples and more info about the artists involved. (Flash Player 9 required)

An electronic press-kit with more detailed info about the project.

Track list:

  1. Future Housing Site, Austin TX, 2006
    photograph by Alex Stone-Tharp , music by OddJob
  2. Solitary
    photograph by Paul Laidler , music by Slowtion
  3. Lawn Balls
    photograph by Dana Gentile, music by Planetaldol
  4. sok
    photograph by Michelle Arcila, music by Blue Sabbath Black Fiji
  5. I feel like I know her
    photograph by Sébastien Chou, music by Noisegarden
  6. Untitled
    photograph by Brea Souders, music by Antmanuv
  7. In the postmodern hell of the whoever-whatever-whenever
    photograph by Stéphane Obadia, music by ps stamps back
  8. Later, footsteps
    photograph by Edward Winter, music by Emiter
  9. Epsom
    photograph by H.L. Kim, music by The Carousel Painter
  10. motel/pool
    photograph by Tasha Lutek, music by £ukasz Ciszak
  11. Shining
    photograph by Jose Luis Martinez, music by Tzii
  12. Corrugated Container
    photograph by Noah Kalina, music by Wolfram