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All the compositions on this compilation were created of the set of one hundred sounds created by Łukasz Ciszak and Sebastien Chou. The participants were allowed to modify the samples the way they wished. However, there were two rules:
- the track should not be longer than seven minutes
- sounds from outside the provided set should not be used.

"Despite the fact that I never heard of any of these bands, I must admit I was quite surprised by the quality of the pieces. Many of the bands/projects/artists operate in what can be loosely described as 'experimental' music. It has ties into the world of micro-sound, ambient and improvisation, and the computer seems to be medium to either record or manipulate the music on."
Frans de Waard, vital weekly

Track list:

1. vibracathedral is playing in my house tonight [04'00''] due.di
2. a.s.a.p. [03'07''] Tirriddiliu
3. 1-100 [03'23''] Krzysztof Mirosławski
4. lumocolor [05'15''] ODDJOB
5. 11eme a droite [03'55''] Planetaldol
6. haptic fingerprint III [06'05] antmanuv
7. the fairy tale of sleeping beauty [03'49''] Maciek Szymczuk
8. spiral jetty [04'01''] Canine Callgirls
9. un rite professionnel [05'07''] Finaldoll
10. no mind-set [03'03''] Łukasz Ciszak
11. dentro [03'19''] Katarzyna Szenajch


antmanuv [Canada] e-mail || www
Canine Callgirls [France/Poland] ODDJOB / Łukasz Ciszak
Łukasz Ciszak [Poland] e-mail || www
due.di [France] e-mail || www
Finaldoll [France] Planetaldol/FinalCut e-mail || www
Krzysztof Mirosławski [Poland] e-mail || www
ODDJOB [France] e-mail || www
Planetaldol [France] e-mail || www
Katarzyna Szenajch [Poland] e-mail ||www
Maciek Szymczuk [Poland] e-mail || www
tirriddiliu [Italy] e-mail || www

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